Hello from the US!

25.02.2022 01:13
#1 Hello from the US!

Hi, I'm in the US, state of Massachusetts. I have been working on my 58 LS600 Alexander for the last several years. It was left for dead many years ago and rusted very badly. I rebuilt it as best as I could and enjoy driving it when the weather allows. I also picked up some more including a 56 LC600, two 1960 LP TS Alexanders and a 1960 LS TS Alexander with optional Saxomat clutch. These all need restoration so I'll be working on Lloyds for a long time to come.LloydBnA.jpg - Bild entfernt (keine Rechte)


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25.02.2022 08:22
#2 RE: Hello from the US!

Hello Alan,

welcome to the Lloyd Friends.
I hope we'll see more of you and your rusty Lloyds here.

Have you already discovered our website?
You can find plenty of original spare parts catalogues and workshop manuals there.
Manuals are in german, but spare parts catalogues are in english, too.

We also have a good working parts service with special conditions for members.

So maybe becoming a registered Lloyd Freund is an option for you. ;-)

Best Regards,

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25.02.2022 09:02
avatar  UlJa
#3 RE: Hello from the US!


pretty work!

Let the good Lloyds roll......



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25.02.2022 09:30
#4 RE: Hello from the US!

Hi Alan,

a very nice car and it looks like good workmanship.

Welcome to the Lloyd-Friends and always have a save ride!


Dass mir keiner in die Suppe spuckt...


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25.02.2022 19:32
#5 RE: Hello from the US!

Thanks for the kind welcomes! I've been in the club for a long time and have gotten quite a few parts from it. Many thanks to Gottfried and crew.


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